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About Us


We are an experienced and most reputed manufacturing unit in the wooden furniture manufacturing industry. In this highly competitive industry, it is hard to thrive and stay in the pinnacle of success amongst the increasing number of market players. But we have achieved this task and have remained market leaders during the past and the only reason that we attribute to our success is continued hard work coupled with superior quality.

We have expert manpower and updated technological equipments that go hand in hand towards achieving many milestones in the production of quality wooden furnitures. We take special and exclusive care in each and very process of the furniture manufacturing process right from procurement of logs to packaging of finished products.

The man power employed with us are experts in their own field and take due care of their respective processes. We have maintained a zero defect policy throughout and this means all the products manufactured by us are flawless and indeed the perfect one that anyone will desire to own.

We are proud to re-iterate that we are a socially responsible company and have concern towards our environment and the ecological balance. Hence we ensure that we get only sustainable woods and sturdy woods that will make up string furnitures that will not demand for frequent replacement. This is indeed a positive note to both the customers and the environment. Maximum utilization of minimum resources and achieving the best result out of that remains to be our top most priority.

We are reliable furniture manufacturers that our customers trust for all types of furnitures right from traditional to contemporary. It is this trust factor that makes us deliver the best quality products time and again.