Log Segregation

Kiln Dry process

Splitting & Cutting

The drilling process


From Log To Furniture – The Journey


The making of furniture is indeed a long and intricate process that requires a lot of expertise and craftsmanship. It is not only a form of art but a science as well.  Right from felling a tree to preparing the best furnitures a lot of manpower is involved. The emergence of technological improvements has made the process easier and swifter, however the human touch is that which makes mere furnitures to masterpieces. Each and every step has to be done with utmost care and absolute perfection to get the final desired output that satiates the customers and the manufacturer as well. Wooden furnitures are not use and throw products but are products that stay with us for a lifetime and sometimes through Danetti. This calls for sturdy raw materials and expert processing of the furnitures. The various steps that are involved in the wooden furniture making process is as follows:

Log Segregation:

The first step is felling of trees and making logs out of it to be transported to respective sawmilling units. This stage has to be done carefully with proper labels mentioning the right type of tree from which the wood is got. This is vital to segregate woods suitable for different types of furnitures.


The logs are transported to the sawmills, where the logs are split and formed into desired shapes and sizes. The logs are arranged according to its density so that it would be easier to process them in the next kiln dry process. After the sawmilling process, the wood is kept to dry in the open so that any residual moisture is dried up.

Kiln Dry process:

In this process the wood is dried with various heating technologies to get rid of the moisture levels in the woods. Though the woods are dried after the sawmilling process, the woods tend to hold back around 12-15% of the moisture and hence this process becomes mandatory. This process usually requires 2-4 weeks depending on the wood type. This process is vital since it minimizes the risk of the wood being damaged in the future.

Splitting & Cutting:

Here the woods that are bought after the kiln dry process are split and cut according to the purpose it is going to solve. For example if it is going into production of tables the logs would be cut accordingly.

The drilling process:

The woods split and cut will then be planned to make a smooth fine surface. After this is done it will be moved to the drilling process, which is the final stage in the component preparation stage.

Sanding process:

Sanding process is to give the wooden pieces the actual look and shine with grain enhancement technologies. This is the stage where the raw component is refined and made suitable for the furniture making process.


This is the important stage where part and pieces of woods are assembled into one final product. This process has to be done with utmost care since this is the most important factor that is going to hold the furniture strong for a lifetime. Though there are a lot of processes that go into the manufacturing of wooden furnitures, the assembling process is the longest and the toughest part, which needs real expertise coupled with patience and perseverance.

Finishing process:

This is the final process that makes the log the perfect furniture. Here the assembled piece is layered with varnish, stains and paints and sealed to protect it from all possible damages in the future. It is important that only quality products are used in the layering and finishing process to give the furnitures a flawless look and a sturdy life.

The packaging process:

In recent days, wooden furnitures come as pieces that can be assembled later, for such products packaging plays an important role. Also this has to be done in a proper manner so that the furniture or its parts doesn’t get damaged during transit. So wooden furniture at your home or any commercial building is not just a piece of wood, it has undergone so much processing and human expertise in becoming such amazing masterpieces. Due respect has to be given to a product and it has to be maintained properly as a token of respect and appreciation to the hard work of so many people.